Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Guest Washroom

Finished product
After Demo

After Demo
New shower

I love the idea of bathroom vanities that look like furniture pieces. I chose the tan speckled granite along with the cream cabinets for the guest bathroom to match the feel of the house. We installed new shower tile and the glass doors for a clean, sleek look for guests to come. I wish I had "before demo" photos to show. They were horrendous! Hopefully I'll find some to add later.

Allen & Roth Vanity $439.00, Lowe's


  1. Wow, that's coming together pretty quickly. Bet you're happy about that. Looks great.

  2. This looks awesome! How long did it take to do the whole bathroom?

    1. we bought the house in July and we have been working on it every single day since. the guest bath was done in November. I would say probably 4 months between these befores and afters.