Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cool Craft Closet

Our most current project is the office. The closet is the only finished product in this room and it's my favorite touch in the house so far. I have always wanted a Craft Closet for all my scrapbooking, wrapping materials, cards, ribbons, and stickers. I also always buy small cute but generic gifts in case I get invited to something last minute. This closet is perfect to keep things like that. It looks like I may need to do some shopping for materials to fill it! Oh, and I definitely need a label maker. I couldn't remember which box I placed my glue gun in the other day and it wasn't a pretty situation.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Master Powder Room

So since I introduced the guest bathroom, I will show the master bathroom in progress. I went with the same vanity furniture but double sinks and a black granite top to change it up a little. We wanted a rain shower and although we haven't used it yet, I think it's going to be amazing! Don't you love the travertine?

I got my inspiration from Pinterest of course :

Note: if you look at my January 14th post, you can see the before/demo pictures of the master bathroom (that blue tile on the walls)

Both glass showers installed for $2k by Down's Glass Company

Mirrors, light fixtures, and vanity ALL Allen & Roth from Lowe's.

Left view of Master Bath
Right view of Master Bath

Guest Washroom

Finished product
After Demo

After Demo
New shower

I love the idea of bathroom vanities that look like furniture pieces. I chose the tan speckled granite along with the cream cabinets for the guest bathroom to match the feel of the house. We installed new shower tile and the glass doors for a clean, sleek look for guests to come. I wish I had "before demo" photos to show. They were horrendous! Hopefully I'll find some to add later.

Allen & Roth Vanity $439.00, Lowe's

Monday, January 14, 2013

Barn Doors

During Demo

New wall frames after demo

Created 2 new doors openings for the master bathroom and closet. My idea is to add a sliding "barn door" on each opening like,

Why this Blog?

I have decided to create a blog for the renovations happening in my new house, purchased in July of 2012. The house was built in the 1960s and there is a good possibility that it hasn't been updated once since then. Posting before and after photos, including demolition and in-process projects, along with blogs and websites where I got my ideas, will hopefully help and/or inspire others to get creative in their own homes. This will also be a great way to share my progress with friends and family who don't live in the area to see for themselves.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Master Closet in the making

Before Shelving
After Demo

Finished Closet

Tore down walls and shelving, created new walls and door opening, along with new carpet, texture, and paint. Added a new crystal light fixture. Installed Allen & Roth shelving. Each unit cost $199, plus the costs for drawers, shelves, and rods. Whole closet cost around $1200. The few companies we had come out to give quotes were around $1500 with 5 weeks waiting time and the material wasn't as nice. It pays off to do things yourself. Install took one day. Next to come: shelving system to hold 50 pair of shoes.